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CommandFest Returns in 2024

February 13, 2024
Wizards of the Coast

Get ready for Commander and more with friends old and new, as CommandFest is back in 2024 with a line-up spanning four continents!

CommandFest events are little mini-convention celebrations of the Commander format and friendly Magic play altogether. These celebrations feature guest artists, content creators typically focused on the Commander format for casual Magic play, vendors, side events, and of course a ton of table space to enjoy hours of Commander play with familiar and new faces alike!

These events are typically badged—meaning you purchase a ticket to attend a set number of days—though this may not apply for every region. Check with the organizer hosting a CommandFest event closest to you for full details.

Below is an initial list of CommandFests taking place in 2024, with more to be announced! Keep an eye out on @PlayMTG for future updates and bookmark this article as your source for the 2024 CommandFest schedule.


  • April 19–21, 2024, in Dallas, Texas—presented by
  • April 19–21, 2024, in San Francisco, California—presented by Laughing Dragon
  • April 19–21, 2024, in Birmingham, England—presented by Axion Now
  • April 20–21, 2024, in Beijing, China—presented by Kadou



  • June 14–16, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia—presented by
  • June 21–23, 2024, in Tacoma, Washington—presented by Laughing Dragon
  • June 22–23, 2024, in Guangzhou, China—presented by Kadou


  • July 12–14, 2024, in Sydney, Australia—presented by Good Games


  • August 10–11, 2024, in Shanghai, China—presented by Kadou
  • August 16–18, 2024, in Southern California—presented by Laughing Dragon
  • August 16–18, 2024, in Frankfurt, Germany—presented by JK Entertainment

Note that this is only the initial rollout of events in 2024. We'll have more events to announce that take place later in 2024.

CommandFest events in 2024 will feature the textless full-art Reliquary Tower promo card with artwork from Carissa Susilo. Both non-foil and traditional foil copies will be available at CommandFests.

Book your calendars and get your Commander decks ready—we'll see you at a CommandFest soon!

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