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The Pinnacle of Competitive Magic

From your local game store or Magic's digital platforms, becoming a Magic World Champion is a journey defined by the trail you blaze all the way to the top—one event at a time.

It's time to start your path to Magic immortality.

World Championship XXIX

In 2023, Magic World Championship XXIX will feature field of approximately 128 players and a prize pool of $1,000,000.

How to Qualify

Here is a list of qualification paths for World Championship XXIX:

  • The Top 4 finishers from World Championship XXVII (2002)
  • Players who finish 12–4 or better (or finishes in the Top 8) at any of the season's three Pro Tours
  • The Top 2 from each of the three MTGO Showcase Events
  • The Top 2 players from the Arena Championship Events
  • The Regional Champions
  • The runner-up from Regional Championship events in the United States, Europe, and Japan.
  • The Top 32 ranked players that are not already invited to Magic World Championship XXIX in the 2022–23 Pro Tour 3 Adjusted Match Point standing and all players tied with 32nd place in that standing.

Premier Tournament Invitation Policy (PDF)

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