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The Duelist of the Mind: Nathan Steuer

February 25, 2024
Wizards of the Coast

Nathan Steuer's meteoric rise through MTG Arena play was followed by the most surprising feature for a wunderkind: a sustained career of top finishes, becoming an elite testing team star, and high-profile success at multiple events. And at Magic World Championship XXVIII, he delivered an incredible tournament win many believed would one day come as he become a Magic World Champion.

Nathan Steuer, Magic World Champion XXVIII

With Outlaws of Thunder Junction arriving April 12, he joins a pantheon of Magic greats by having his likeness immortalized onto a Magic card. Meet Duelist of the Mind:

Additionally, extended-art versions appear in Outlaws of Thunder Junction Collector boosters:

Congratulations once again to Magic World Champion XXVIII, Nathan Steuer!

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